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The complete MH ECO Toolkit is now available.The toolkit provides a comprehensive set of step by step processes and resources designed to enable organisations to undertake MH ECO projects. Please contact us for details via this website contact page or by calling either VMIAC on 03 9380 3900 or Tandem Inc.         on 03 8803 5555.


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MH ECO stands for Mental Health Experience Co-Design which is an innovative method of gathering information about the lived experiences of consumers and carers who have received a service from mental health services. MH ECO also gathers information about the experiences of mental health professionals who provide mental health services. MH ECO then brings together consumers, carers and service providers in partnerships to analyse and use their experiences to co-design service quality improvements.

The overall aim of MH ECO is to improve the experiences of people who receive services from mental health service providers.


We look forward to working together with you!


--- The Consumer and Carer Research Team







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“An extremely valuable experience, powerful and positive with a great respect for everyone’s point of view. This model of working should be much more widely implemented”.


“It has given me more hope that the mental health system is changing and growing to meet the needs of not only the consumer but also their carers. I enjoyed knowing that I am at least doing my bit”.


"I have been impressed with the process and ability to express my opinion".


"Excellent ideas to improve services ... and to improve paticipation for carers in the process".