Education & Training


MH ECO can appear to be a complex process to those that are new to the underlying principles and concepts. Briefly, the MH ECO methodology is a mixed research process designed to collect both quantitative and  qualitative data with the aim of improving quality of public mental health services in Victoria.  


By providing a systematic, appropriate and effective mechanism for seeking consumer and carer experience of service delivery, the MH ECO process highlights the service ‘touch points’, or parameters, that require improvement. The data for MH ECO is captured through telephone interviews, face to face semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The highlighted ‘touch points’ are then used to inform the MH ECO process. In practice, the three most positively rated and the three least positively rated service parameters from the MH ECO data collection process are identified for examination.


In order to assist participants in their understanding and application of MH ECO principles and methods, a series of education and training sessions has been developed by the combined consumer and carer research team. These sessions are designed to provide information and skill development  opportunities for the MH ECO consumer, carer and mental health staff participants. The education and training sessions are held at times that are convenient to as many participants as possible which means they could be held out of normal service operatiing hours.  The sessions are held before the establishment of the Collaboration and Co-Design groups.  





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