MH ECO Toolkit


What is it?

The MH ECO Toolkit comprises a collection of structured methods that assist organisations to utilise consumer and carer experience to improve mental health services. 


The MH ECO Toolkit enables organisations to access the largest untapped resource in mental health –consumers, their families and supporters. It provides tools that allow consumers and their carers to utilise their lived experience in actively participating in improving services and not simply be regarded as passive receivers of health services. The tools enable service users to play a much greater role in helping identify service gaps and needs, propose solutions, test them out and implement them in collaboration with staff. 


The toolkit was developed by the research teams from the Victorian peak mental health consumer and carer organisations whose role it is to represent the voices of consumers and carers state wide. The tools are the result of the collective lived experience of all those who have been involved in the MH ECO project over the past 6 years.


What does it include?

The toolkit consists of an introductory booklet and five individual tool booklets that directly relate to each step of the MH ECO process. 


The toolkit comes with a one day training program for persons who will be implementing the toolkit in their organisation.


What is it used for?

The suite of tools can be used to identify and address a broad range of issues that are of concern to consumers, carers and service providers. Alternatively, individual tools can be used to work with stakeholders in addressing a particular aspect of service delivery. This introductory booklet is included with the purchase of one or more of the individual tool booklets.


Individual tools can be used flexibly to work with consumers and/or carers and staff to address a particular issue or the whole suite of tools can be used to identify a broad range of issues that are of concern to consumers and carers at a particular service. They can be used in a range of different scenarios.






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